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Once everything started rolling I didn't have to worry and having only one payment was great.
- Betty Morris

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91% of undergraduates have at least one credit card


You may be thinking you’re too young; it’s too soon to think about retirement – wrong. It’s never too soon to begin planning for your retirement. Based on the latest trustees estimate, the system’s trust funds will be exhausted by 2041, therefore, the government will be forced to pay out only a percentage of the amount promised in social security funds. And due to rising health care costs, the Medicare trust fund is expected to run out by as early as 2019!

Am I Ready to Retire?

Retirement Myths

Myth No. 1
Hold on to your job as long as you can!

This isn’t absolutely necessary in fact it is good continue doing things that bring you fulfillment. Hastily quitting your job may be a mistake. Only you can decide you’re ready.

Myth No. 2
Retire as soon as you can!

If you begin a lifestyle of retirement before you’re ready it can be a big mistake. There was a book written about a man who retired at 41, but in reality the man ended up having to return to work! If you quit too soon you may be missing out on the most rewarding years of your working life. This could also affect your feelings of selfworth and financial stability.

Myth No. 3
Retire when you’re fed up.

Sometimes a job gets to be too much for you. An unreasonable boss, an unfavorable working situation or long commute can make you want to quit. But it’s better to wait until you’re prepared and your plans are in place. Even consider a job or career change; this may be the healthier solution.

Retirement options you may like to consider:


Get familiar with your pension, you need to know how it works as this may

Life Insurance:

Diversify! Investing some of your retirement income into your Life Insurance plan is a clever thing to do as the money is not considered earned income; therefore, it is completely tax free when withdrawn. Note: you can maximize your pension through life insurance and you will not be penalized when you withdraw.


Buying stock, or buying shares, in a company can be very rewarding depending on the profitability of the company you choose to buy stock in. Your equity value can either increase or decrease as the price of the shares rise or fall.

IRA Account:

Anyone incurring income from work can set up an IRA account (Individual Retirement Account). Self-employed persons can set up a do-it-yourself pension. There are a few different types of IRA accounts: Traditional IRA, Education IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA, ROTH IRA and 401 (k). Do your homework! There are specific details you will need to be aware of in order to get the most out the choice you make.

Live your Dreams

If you want a successful retirement, you’ve got to plan. Identify you and your family’s wants and needs, and then develop plans to achieve them. You must do the same for your future retirement needs. As you gain new knowledge and experience, you must continually review and revise your plans.

First Step:

Proper planning and evaluation of your present lifestyle and your goals for the future. As you begin to take charge of your future, your attitude toward retirement becomes more positive.

Where are you now versus where you want to be? If you haven’t thought about it already, it is time to start thinking about where you will be accessing retirement funds and create a plan for your future.

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